Deepen Your Intuitive Shamanic Connection

Receive spiritual initiation into the secret Nusta Karpay

An intensive awakening and healing, the Ñusta Karpay brings a unique aspect to you, shining a different light on your unique spiritual path—a path of softening, of going deeper into the mysteries.

Shamanic breath techniques and journeying to heal and thrive

Shamanic breath techniques are learned to awaken the inner self. We learn to control our breathing and explore parts of our body, mind, and body that are often out of reach.

Activate faery shamanism to shape shift, your destiny

Ground your spiritual practice with Faery lore; your consciousness will expand in a harmonious and balanced way. Faeries call for harmony, peace, cooperation and prosperity for all life on our planet.

13. Moon shamanic healing pathway

Activate your shamanic presence deeply with each phase of the 13 moons to heighten your spiritual awareness and deep connection with the cosmos, cleansing your body, mind and spirit.

Shamanic, moon, manifestation, magic

The lunar cycles have always been essential to shamanic rituals, as the moon’s phases significantly impact the spiritual and energetic body. Learn effectively to harness this power.

Shift Your Mindset To Heal The Mind, Body And Soul Of Stress

The frame drum is an ancient shamanic tool used for healing. Creating your frame drum is an opportunity to craft in a sacred way, weaving intention and prayers into your work.