Receive Spiritual Initiation into the Sacred Nusta Karpay

Learn self energy healing ways of living in harmony for you and our Earth mother, pass them on to expand your abilities.

Course Summary

The Nusta rites are energetic transmissions given into your seven main chakras. The chakras are the organs of the luminous body which hold all our histories, our light and our shadow pieces. Therefore, upon your initiation with the Nusta rites, you begin to stir the contents of your chakras, as one stirs, bringing to the surface the parts of yourself that as yet have not been healed or honoured.

Course Curriculum

Carl Van Vuuron


Recently finished "Spiritual Shamanic Healing Initiation Into The Munay Ki" with Sharon Ramel, it was a very Amazing Experience, far beyond and above my expectations !!! I highly Recommend it. And now I did the Spiritual Initiation Into The Shamanic Nusta Karpay - wow, beautifull.. my heart chakra is wide open - and I have a deep sence of spiritual grace in my life , a deep peace that was always there - the Nusta Karpay just made me aware of it and deepend it.. Definitely a nice ad on to Munay-Ki , love the depth of Sharon Ramel' s knowledge and her love and passion for teaching and sharing it so generously with us. Thank You Sharon, Looking forward to doing more courses with you. Lots of love and many Blessings

Sharon Ramel

Sharon has been offering spirit-based courses both online and in small groups since 2008 to encourage a unique spiritual awakening leading to mindfulness and peace within us. Every student is personally welcomed via ceremony as she performs a sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us into the sacred space.

Join over 66,000 students globally in 159 countries exploring shamanism with Sharon in a unique, heartfelt way.

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