Munay Ki via Zoom

The nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation.

Course Summary

The rites are given freely. The cost is for my time as the facilitator of this course. Nine sessions Package.

The Munay-Ki Rites have existed for a long time, preserved by elders. The elders began to share the following prophecies that speak about our time as a period of great transformation. They foretell a new human appearing on the planet – a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and abides in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship for all creation.

Munay-Ki training consists of nine shamanic initiation rites. Through receiving these rites and practising the techniques, we become a person of wisdom that lives through constant communication with the love in our hearts, always connected to the source of life and love.

As you experience the Munay-Ki, you will feel the presence and sense the wisdom of these luminous ones who have broken out of linear time and now dwell in infinity. Join me on Zenler through Zoom for this unique opportunity.

Course Curriculum

Sharon Ramel

Sharon has been offering spirit-based courses both online and in small groups since 2008 to encourage a unique spiritual awakening leading to mindfulness and peace within us. Every student is personally welcomed via ceremony as she performs a sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us into the sacred space.

Join over 66,000 students globally in 159 countries exploring shamanism with Sharon in a unique, heartfelt way.

Carrie R


Love the energy and instruction with this instructor and class. Very rewarding and peaceful. I finished this course enlightened, at peace and with a better understanding of our mother earth, and all the other living things of the universe. It has truly been an amazing journey.

Course Pricing

  • The Munay Ki via Zoom
  • 9 payments of

    $218 USD

    per month

    9 x 30-40 minutes sessions; personal initiation in person via Zoom one-on-one offer.

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  • Munay Ki via Zoom

    $1960 USD


    9 x 30-40 minutes sessions; personal initiation in person via Zoom one-on-one offer.

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